The Prince Regent Grow Home

The Prince Regent is the chic home design of the future – a smart, sustainable approach to living. You can build the ‘Prince’ to start with (1 bedroom/1 bathroom) and as your finances and family grow, you can add on the ‘Regent’ (2 bedroom/1 bathroom). It’s the ultimate in flexibility. And it achieves all this without compromising on comfort, space and the seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor worlds that is so desirable in the tropics.

The pavilion-style architecture allows for privacy and completely separate dwellings if required. Rent out one pavilion to reduce your mortgage, then make it the kids’ quarters later down the track. Or maybe it makes the ideal guest house. The ‘Regent’ can even be configured as a 3 bedroom pavilion without sacrificing the family space. Whatever your lifestyle, the Prince Regent, with its 154.2sqm of clever floor space, is so adaptable. The extensive covered outdoor entertainment area (48.8sqm), which separates the pavilions, also enables easy flow between both abodes. A second outdoor space off the main living area offers further privacy to retreat and relax.

Spacious, open-plan living, large bedrooms and a fluid indoor/outdoor connection make the Prince Regent the perfect solution to growing your ‘pad’ slowly and sustainably. Building a Prince Regent is just like playing Monopoly. The only difference is it’s real and you can “Pass Go” with financial freedom.