Quality Management System

WABi Constructions operates an inhouse Quality Management System (QMS), which has been implemented and administered on all AEC projects. This ensures quality at every stage during the build process. Sub contractors are given guidelines and tolerances prior to commencement thus ensuring the highest quality outcomes. Our systems are audited internally by our Operations team to ensure our system is live and constantly improving.



Our system is segmented into 4 key project phases:


1. PROJECT PLANNING – in this phase all key elements of the project are identified. The team is selected based on project requirements and experience and a Risk Assessment is carried out.


2. DESIGN to BUILDING PERMIT – this phase includes design, engineering, compliance, approvals and variation management.


3. CONSTRUCTION PHASE – this includes all matters relating to onsite works including the supply chain.


4. PRACTICAL COMPLETION PHASE – this includes all matters relating to the handover of the building from Practical Completion (PC) through to the end of the Defects Liability Period (DLP). The segmentation above allows us to appoint responsibility for the QMS through each phase to a key staff member assuring accountability for quality is clear and transparent. However, final sign off by the manager for each phase is required to assure rigorous review and levels of accountability. Following is a summary of AEC’s QMS through each phase and the appointed manager:


4.1  PROJECT PLANNING – Project Manager. A Project Manager is appointed to the project based on project type. The Project Manager develops a Risk Assessment Plan. The Project Manager establishes the key personnel (managers) to deliver the project and an inception meeting is arranged to plan the project with reference to the Risk Assessment Plan.


4.2 DESIGN to BUILDING PERMIT– Design Manager. Documented processes are implemented in the form of checklists. The checklist type system is designed for its practicality and includes an online task manager, which facilitates the ability for the design team to coordinate remotely as required.


4.3 CONSTRUCTION PHASE – Construction Manager. QMS for this phase involves an integrated transparent chain of communication between:


  • Site supervisors
  • Senior Estimators
  • Construction Managers


4.4 PRACTICAL COMPLETION PHASE – Project Manager & Contract Administrator. Our Practical Completion processes are tailor-written to each individual construction contract to ensure AEC systematically meets its contractual obligations. Absolute rigour is applied to every step of this phase to secure the timely delivery of quality built projects that require minimal ongoing maintenance.